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, you can have the best of both worlds. I speak as a dog enthusiast, and as a police officer who specializes in Crime Prevention. Professional criminals dislike: 1. time 2. noise 3. light. Most thieves like to be into a house in less than 15 seconds; if a criminal needs more than that he probably won't break into your house. This tells us that good quality, re enforced doors with heavy duty locks are an answer. LIGHT: if you keep the area around your house lighted sensor lights are good and inexpensive, too this will help greatly. NOISE: .

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I definitely feel more secure with my cameras. Proof that it has worked and does work to deter crime, I can give my story. I have had many items stolen from my curtailment from the neighborhood rifraf; but when my roomate’s car had the window smashed for a backpack full of college text books, I felt they were getting too comfortable so I bought my first set of cameras. Now these kids will cross my street and walk on the opposite sidewalk rather than get near my house. One of them wont even get close to grab his dog out of my yard but rather he will yell non stop until he comes back. This is funny to me because he has no problem walking into other people’s yards.