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Vivint door to door sales representatives misrepresented the price of continued monthly monitoring fees, made representations that it was providing an upgrade to the consumer’s current home security system; that the consumer’s current security system company was no longer in business; or that Vivint was otherwise part of or authorized to continue monitoring the consumer’s current home security system. ”Mugford provided the city with a list of 13 customers he said Alarmpro “lost due to ViVint and their authorized agent ARM Security causing our customers to break their contracts with Alarmpro, Inc. ” At least two customers have since switched back after checking Vivint’s record. “We have had many calls about Vivint alarms aka APX Security which has over a hundred complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and over a hundred complaints on ‘RipOff. Com,’” Mugford continued. “We refer the callers to call the Sheriffs or the BBB.

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Burglars have great difficulty tampering with them. Make sure however, that your window security bars come with a quick release mechanism. In the event of a fire, the mechanism will allow you to open the bars and escape your home. Some burglar bars are designed to be installed from the inside of the window. Let your personal security needs dictate what is right for you. One of the main reasons we are one of the highest rated security companies in the United States in because we still have local security professionals who will meet with you, for free, to help you go over all your options. If is extremely difficult, nearly impossible, to truly help you get the proper security system setup over a 5 minute phone call. Over the phone you'll get a cookie cutter system that everyone gets, instead of a customized solution that best meets your needs. We still do help homeowners over the phone ourselves, because people demand it. However, we let everyone know that our most satisfied customers have taken advantage of scheduling a free home security review. In the summer of 2008, we were victims of a recurrent vandalism and property destruction.

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This technology allows you to deter an intruder BEFORE he enters your home. Because these waves travel long distances and get around obstacles without dissipation, one device is be sufficient to monitor an entire home. SAFEGUARDTHEWORLD painstakingly designs all of our wireless home security systems to not only bring needed peace of mind to our families that we serve, but a level of convenience, portability, and quality rarely experienced in the security industry. SAFEGUARDTHEWORLD uses only the finest high output XLR lithium batteries and ALASCO's crystal clear transmitters and receivers to ensure uninterrupted power and performance. This allows our devices to communicate without all those messy wires and big bulky back up batteries normally associated with your typical wireless home security systems!Our team is dedicated to creating the best security system reviews and to helping consumers educate themselves before buying a home security system. Before choosing a home security system, we encourage consumers to educate themselves, read expert reviews, and learn how to find the best deal.